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To play better golf you first need to learn about golf. But what do you need to know besides how to swing the club correctly? There are so many different things that affect the golf swing, and your golf game, that you probably don’t know about. This section is designed to provide you with all the golf knowledge presented by bali golf courses that you’ll need to improve your golf knowledge, including golf rules, tournament regulations, golf accessories, and many advices from expert to improve your golf game.

GENERAL ERROR: He released three small sheets of tin placed by a professional, at the back of his putter club head before the round starts to make for his club head feel more comfortable. more….

GENERAL ERROR: Players use their right to claim the ball is in the “water-being,” under Rule 25-1. However, Player after taking the decision, lifting and dropping the ball by making the mistake of dropping a long-distance four clubs in dry areas, measured from the edge of the water-temporary. Error violating this regulation shall be paid by Player A loses the hole in match play, and two strokes in stroke play under Rule 25-1b. more….

(1) In addition to a Referee with each match, assign one or more rovers who are available to consult with Referees if the Referee needs additional input (If the Referee wants an additional opinion or grants an appeal the rover should prevail unless the Rules Chairman is also consulted). more….

Many golfers become frustrated with the Rules because they only consult the Rule book when an issue arises on the course. In order to be able to use the Rule book efficiently on the course, players should spend some ‘off-course’ time with the Rules of Golf and Decisions on the Rules of Golf. more…

Rule 4-1a establishes that the player’s clubs must conform with the provisions of Rule 4 and the specifications and interpretations set forth in Appendix II. The USGA Research and Test Center, which administers the Equipment Rules, also publishes an interpretation booklet called A Guide to the Rules on Clubs and Balls, more…

Player A, who competed in stroke play the game, do not care about the last time point of the ball cut the boundary line of hurdles that the mark with red stakes. He dropped his ball in rough thin, in addition to obstacles in line with where the ball drop into the barrier for approximately 200 yards from the tee. He dropped one stroke penalty on himself and continue the game. more…

Caddy is permitted, standing near the hole and picked up the flag pole on the basis of Rule 17-1, since this is considered as “medium-keeping” flagpole. Caddy also allowed to move away from the hole and lifted a flag pole up to help players see the lines around the target, provided that before the players do blow, caddy away from that position. more…

Before he grades to hit the ball to  his hit approach, he issued a tool from his bag, pointed it at the green, and read the distance that appears on the screen. At an official match, according to Rule 14-3, you may not use tool-specific help that can help you play a hole. more….

Players when competing in a stroke play championship in Bali island at the Nirwana Bali Golf Club, found his ball in the bunker. (Bunker is an obstacle. Soil is covered with grass that limits the bunker, or who are in it, is not considered as part of the bunker. A ball was in the bunker when any portion of the ball touches the bunker). Player A does Address. more….

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