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Show the Game Line

SITUATION: During the game at Bali Handara Kosaido & Country Club Bali, Player A ball is located at the base of a very steep valley behind the green. Player A was so closely with a steep slope so that he can not see the flag pole, which was in the middle of the green. Players ask his caddy to lift the flag pole from the hole and lifted it high, so that he can estimate the main line for the next blow.

COMMON ERRORS: Caddy moves closer to the edge of the green (apron), closer to the player A. Furthermore, the caddy lifted aloft the flag pole into the air when Player A plays a blow. Under Rule 8-2, caddy is not allowed to stand in line around the flag pole and lifted into the air when a player is doing blow. This violation will result in you having to pay a penalty of two strokes. Penalty in match play is a lost hole.

CORRECT PROCEDURE: Caddy is permitted, standing near the hole and picked up the flag pole on the basis of Rule 17-1, since this is considered as “medium-keeping” flagpole. Caddy also allowed to move away from the hole and lifted a flag pole up to help players see the lines around the target, provided that before the players do blow, caddy away from that position.


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