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(From the Tool Specific Help )

SITUATION: Player B is playing game on the ground for example at Bali Handara Kosaido & Country Club that has not been in the familiar. Using modern standards, this field other than another like Bali Golf & Country Club because it has no stakes distance (yardage markers).

COMMON ERRORS: Player B does not worry that in this field there is no peg in the distance. The reason: he brought in a bag, binoculars with a meter that can measure distance using a laser beam. Before he grades to hit the ball to  his hit approach, he issued a tool from his bag, pointed it at the green, and read the distance that appears on the screen. At an official match, according to Rule 14-3, you may not use tool-specific help that can help you play a hole. Whether you’re competing in match play or in stroke play, the penalty is disqualification. Commencing in 2006, when the Committee enact provisions that justify the use of tool-specific help (GPS, laser binoculars at a distance) then the players are allowed to wear. Please remember, if such provisions are not being enforced, then the player is still not allowed to wear a tool-specific help.

CORRECT PROCEDURE: In the absence of any distance stakes in the ground, hire a caddy who knows the field well, measure distance by counting steps field (pace off) without delaying the game, or just use your eye to estimate distances as is usually done by the player of old famous players.


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