Golf Lesson No 26

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The ball is in Putt when it Hit the flag pole

SITUATION: Player A played at New Kuta Golf Club and called on caddienya to keep the flag pole at hole 15 when he hit the putt from a distance of fifteen meters. Simply putt, keep the flag pole means holding the ball at the flag pole to hit and then withdraw from the hole. In general the players have requested that the flag pole kept when they are quite far from the hole making it difficult to see the holes clearly.

Player B, Player A opponent, stood nearby, waiting his turn to do the putt.

COMMON ERRORS: Caddie not had time to pull the flagpole at hole 15 of New Kuta Golf Club before the ball reached the hole. Instead, the ball hit the flag pole and bounced, stopped four feet from the hole. Although this is not the fault of Player A, he still lost the hole due to violation of Rule 17-3. In stroke play, you have to play the ball as it lies, and dropped a two-stroke penalty on himself.

CORRECT PROCEDURES: Anyone who keep the flag pole when the player is doing putt, whether your caddy, partners, or fellow competitors, need to know to immediately pull out before the ball hit the pole.

Get used to pull the flagpole immediately after the ball was hit and began rolling toward the hole.


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