12 Dec 2010
December 12, 2010

Do you Know Rule No 11 ?

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Golf Rules Plain & Simple

By:  Mark Russell, PGA Tour Rules Official

Do you Know Rule No 11 ?

Changing your club Characteristics when the Round-Specified Held

In this article we would like to guide you how to play golf correctly as it is describe briefly in our Golf Educational Book.

SITUATION: Player A, while competing in stroke play the game, walked out of the green to 9 with frustration, because he only did three-putt on two consecutive holes. Player A feels confident his putter was not right, and not his putting. (see guidance to play golf for the right putting)

GENERAL ERROR: He released three small sheets of tin placed by a professional, at the back of his putter club head before the round starts to make for his club head feel more comfortable. Then later he completed the 10th hole using the same putter. His marker and a member of the Competition Committee soon tell Player A that he is disqualified for violating Rule 4-2 which prohibits a player by deliberately changing the characteristics of a club in time to play a round-determined (a stipulated round.)

The example above also applies to the club drivers can be adjust its weight by screw-driver. Setting / changing the screw Taylor Made R7 (change the characteristics of your club) specified when the round will take place imposed disqualification. Violated the same rules in the game match play also resulted in the disqualification of the player.

RIGHT PROCEDURE: Once you start playing in a round-determined, it is not allow in changing the club characteristics, unless there is damage to the club during the game and the club is used normally. Intentionally to damage the club to the ground by hitting it is not considered damaged by the use of the club as normal. If your club damaged by normal use, then you are allowed to fix or exchange the club as long as it does not delay the game with excessively. You are also having the option to keep the club in a damaged condition, but only to the extent the remaining holes on the round-determined.