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President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), Friday (Jun 10), officially inaugurated the 33rd Bali Arts Festival (BAF) 2011, 11th National Utsawa Dharma Gita (UDG) and Bali World Culture Forum (BWCF) 2011. The opening ceremony taking place in the Ardha Candra Amphitheater, Bali Art Center, was marked with the transfixing of kayonan puppet onto an eight-budded lotus flower by the President and continued with colossal ballet performance entitled Bhisma Dewabharata.

In his speech, President was deeply enthusiastic about the central theme of Desa Kala Patra: Self Adaptation in Multi-culture carried in the BAF 2011. It was said, the theme was very appropriate and inspiring. Precisely, we lived on this earth with a variety of traditions and culture that obliged us to live side by side, complement and adapt one another. In a multicultural global society, he said, social harmony and intercultural harmony of nations could prevent mankind from the clash of civilizations.According to SBY, BAF was a means of presenting the peaks of creative works of art and culture, innovation and high appreciation to Balinese culture. Affirmed, BAF was not only eagerly awaited by the public but also by domestic and foreign tourists.

On that occasion, President Yudhoyono also welcomed the implementation of the 11th National UDG. It was said that UDG was very important for Hindus in confirming the understanding, appreciation and practice of the Vedic teachings. UDG as part of the Hindu religious tradition was rich in cultural values. Therefore, it could be a source of spiritual inspiration for the character development of the nation.

Additionally, President Yudhoyono positively responded to the implementation of Bali World Culture Forum (BWCF) 2011. In this forum, participants would discuss the culture of Bali in terms of various perspectives. Expected, the views and experiences of participants coming from different countries could give contribution to the development and preservation of Balinese culture.

Furthermore, President also invited all components of both artists and art activists coming from Bali as well as from all corners of the country and overseas to make BAF an international icon of cultural appreciation. Through BAF, the President also invited the community to enhance the appreciation to Balinese culture and arts of other cultures as well as inflame the message of brotherhood and peace throughout the world.

“Let’s make BAF the venue for Bali tourism promotion as well as tourism of the archipelago as a whole. Let us show the world that Indonesia is a country having very rich cultural diversity. Let us show that Bali can also show the environment-based tourism or ecotourism and cultural heritage-based economy or heritage economy,” he said.

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