Golf Rules - Lateral Water Hazard

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Lateral Water Hazard

SITUATION: Player A hitting the tee ball from Nirwana Bali Golf Club Tee box 1 that flew 200 yards in the air and into the middle-lateral water hazard. The ball was the last time to cut the limit of the barrier 100 yards from the tee.

GENERAL ERROR: Player A, who competed in stroke play the game, do not care about the last time point of the ball cut the boundary line of hurdles that the mark with red stakes. He dropped his ball in rough thin, in addition to obstacles in line with where the ball drop into the barrier for approximately 200 yards from the tee. He dropped one stroke penalty on himself and continue the game.

First of all and the most basic, player A is not entitled to just casually drop the ball next to the barriers that directly align with the location of the ball in the water hazard-sideways. Penalty due to violation of Rule 26 in stroke play is two strokes in general. How else in this case, the Match Committee will consider what the player A as a serious violation (a serious breach) of Rule 20-7 and will decide that enough reason to disqualify him. In match play player A will otherwise lose holes from his opponent.

CORRECT PROCEDURE: Below are five options that you have under Rule 26.

1. Play the ball from inside the obstacle without penalty.

2. With one stroke penalty, you can keep the point where the ball last time cut the boundary barrier is between you and the hole, then return to the straight line back as far as they want, drop a ball and play it a blow from that point.

3. Under the distance and blow a penalty option, you can wear one stroke penalty and you can do a blow from the ball home on the play before the ball in at entrance obstacles.

4. You can with one stroke penalty, drop the ball outside the barrier within two club length is measured from the last time cut the ball point boundary-lateral water hazard is. The ball when dropped must not be stopped closer to the hole than the ball point last time entry barriers limit.

5. You may go to a point across a distance equal to the point where the ball one last time to cut the limit of obstacles, but no closer to hole. Once these points have been determined, you can drop the ball outside the barrier, within the limits of two-club length from that point across, with one stroke penalty.

NOTE: If you drop the ball and the ball rolled back into the barrier, closer to the hole or the outer-boundary-field (OBF), you are entitled to put the ball at the point where the last ball hit the ground at the drop part of your second choice. If the ball when in place can not be stopped in place, you can put it as close as possible to the place - but no closer to hole.


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