Additional Pointers Regarding Refereeing in Match Play

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Additional Pointers Regarding Refereeing in Match Play

(1) In addition to a Referee with each match, assign one or more rovers who are available to consult with Referees if the Referee needs additional input (If the Referee wants an additional opinion or grants an appeal the rover should prevail unless the Rules Chairman is also consulted).

(2) If relief is granted for unmarked GUR in one match, or an unusual condition is found on the course (ie questionable OB areas, hazard markings, etc) that should be reported to a rover/Rules Chairman in order that they may consistently mark the area-

(3) After each hole the Referee should announce the scores and the state of the match (in order to permit a player to correct the score or state of the match if, for example, a player incurred a penalty which was not observed by the Referee)

(4) Never attend the flagstick and stay off the putting green (standing at its edge) unless it is necessary to be on the green to make a ruling or determine who is away

(5) Point at or face the player who you believe is away (don’t wait for the players to ask)- If a player believes that you are incorrect he will make that known by a comment

(6) Stop a breach if you can (improper drop, for example? Have the player correct before he plays a stroke)

(7) Be cordial on the first tee, but don’t try to conduct an informal conversation with the players during the match, unless they address you

(8) Like any good official in any sport, try and anticipate possible problem situations before they arise and position yourself in the best position to observe what is about to happen

(9) If a factual ruling is required, gather all the evidence you can before making the ruling. When making the ruling don’t say “I think..” or “it looks to me like”  Rather state something DID occur (ie “That ball is in the hazard” not “I think the ball is in the hazard”  Be positive and don’t leave a gap the player can challenge

(10) If a putt or a stroke is heard by the Referee to be conceded (“It’s good”) the Referee should immediately announce “Conceded” to avoid any misunderstanding as to whether a concession has occurred

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