Casual Water

In this Page, Golfers looking for:any temporary accumulation of water on the coarsePALM LODGE BATAM

SITUATION: Player ball stops in the fairway sector in areas where a leak sprinkler heads.

GENERAL ERROR: Players use their right to claim the ball is in the “water-being,” under Rule 25-1. However, Player after taking the decision, lifting and dropping the ball by making the mistake of dropping a long-distance four clubs in dry areas, measured from the edge of the water-temporary. Error violating this regulation shall be paid by Player A loses the hole in match play, and two strokes in stroke play under Rule 25-1b.

CORRECT PROCEDURE: Players should look for Point-Nearest-Liberation (nearest point of relief) that avoids interference with the water-while it simulates the swing with a club that is expected to be used, remarks the point, then drop the ball within the limits of a long-club from that point. According to the Rules of Golf, water-temporary is temporary accumulation of water in any field is visible before or after a player takes square preparation provided not in a water hazard. Dew is not categorized as water-temporary.

When determining whether you are standing on the water-while, you may not suppress Regulation and the “pumps” with one foot. Take the square off with is normal. After that done and then look leaking water out from the edge of the shoes, then it means you are above the water-temporary. Therefore it’s entitled to drop the ball within one club length limit in the measurement of point-nearest-liberation.

If you’re playing, and there are doubts whether the ball was feel located in water-temporary or not, then ask for the decision of the Officers Regulations (Official Rules) before the game resumed.


In this Page, Golfers looking for:

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