Golf Knowledges

Grounding Club in the Obstacle (Hazard)

Grounding Club in the Obstacle (Hazard) SITUATION: Players when competing in a stroke play championship in Bali island at the Nirwana Bali Golf Club, found his ball in the bunker. (Bunker is an obstacle. Soil is covered with grass that limits the bunker, or who are in it, is not considered as part of the [...]

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Hitting the Wrong Ball

Hitting the Wrong Ball SITUATION: Player A and Player B, the two opponents in a match play game at Bali Golf & Country Club, hitting their tee blow more or less as far as 230 yards. Both the ball fell in the fairway, 30 yards apart from each other. COMMON ERRORS: Player A sure his [...]

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Golf knowledges - Invalid Aid

INVALID AID (From the Tool Specific Help ) SITUATION: Player B is playing game on the ground for example at Bali Handara Kosaido & Country Club that has not been in the familiar. Using modern standards, this field other than another like Bali Golf & Country Club because it has no stakes distance (yardage markers). [...]

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Golf Knowledges - Show the Game Line

Show the Game Line SITUATION: During the game at Bali Handara Kosaido & Country Club Bali, Player A ball is located at the base of a very steep valley behind the green. Player A was so closely with a steep slope so that he can not see the flag pole, which was in the middle [...]

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Golf Rules - Lateral Water Hazard

Lateral Water Hazard SITUATION: Player A hitting the tee ball from Nirwana Bali Golf Club Tee box 1 that flew 200 yards in the air and into the middle-lateral water hazard. The ball was the last time to cut the limit of the barrier 100 yards from the tee. GENERAL ERROR: Player A, who competed [...]

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