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Golf knowledges - Invalid Aid

INVALID AID (From the Tool Specific Help ) SITUATION: Player B is playing game on the ground for example at Bali Handara Kosaido & Country Club that has not been in the familiar. Using modern standards, this field other than another like Bali Golf & Country Club because it has no stakes distance (yardage markers). [...]

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Golf Rules - Lateral Water Hazard

Lateral Water Hazard SITUATION: Player A hitting the tee ball from Nirwana Bali Golf Club Tee box 1 that flew 200 yards in the air and into the middle-lateral water hazard. The ball was the last time to cut the limit of the barrier 100 yards from the tee. GENERAL ERROR: Player A, who competed [...]

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Golf Lesson - an Embedded Ball

Golf Lesson - an Embedded Ball SITUATION: During competition game at New Kuta Golf Club, Player A golf ball fell in front of the green, embedded edge in a water hazard is a bit muddy which is marked with yellow stakes. COMMON ERRORS: Player A prying out the ball from the location which it is [...]

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Golf Knowledge - Lost Ball

Lost Ball SITUATION: Player C hitting slice the ball from the tee into the woods. He and friends co-star looking for the next five minutes, which is based on “Rules of Golf” is the time limit allowed for the search of a ball. COMMON ERRORS: Instead of returning to the tee area under Rule 27-1, [...]

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Playing a Provisional Ball

Playing a Provisional Ball SITUATION: Player A  blow tees, his estimate as far as 180 yards which there is the possibility of missing in the forest shrubs, so he played a provisional ball – the ball stopgap, if that first ball is lost. The provisional ball stopped in the middle fairway 200 yards. Then he [...]

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