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Do you Know Rule No 11 ?

Golf Rules Plain & Simple By:  Mark Russell, PGA Tour Rules Official Do you Know Rule No 11 ? Changing your club Characteristics when the Round-Specified Held In this article we would like to guide you how to play golf correctly as it is describe briefly in our Golf Educational Book. SITUATION: Player A, while [...]

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Aultman’s Secret Golf

AULTMAN’S SECRET Those who teach the Square-to-Square Method stress over and over to their pupils that the proper back swing will not feel natural while they are learning the Method. The reason why this correct backs wing feels unnatural is simply because the normally weaker left side must dominate the normally stronger right side from [...]

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DICK AULTMAN 1960s RADICALISM “Eventually, most serious golfers discover The Secret— at least a half-dozen times each summer.” The 1960s were a time of upheaval in America, an era marked by widespread racial unrest, an unpopular war in Vietnam, and the assassinations of John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr. The Woodstock [...]

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FROM HOW TO PLAY YOUR BEST GOLF ALL THE TIME BY TOMMY ARMOUR Innumerable times I’ve had golfers come to me complaining about some fault that is ruining their swings. Generally, in such cases I find that the cause of the trouble is an incorrect grip which makes it utterly impossible to get any ele¬ment [...]

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A Pugilistic Approach

A PUGILISTIC APPROACH “There are at least six people who want to be taught golf for every one who wants to learn.” When you took a lesson from Tommy Armour, you did things his way. One morning his pupil was a rampantly incompetent matron from Chicago’s Medinah Country Club, where Armour summered during the 1930s. [...]

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