Hitting the Wrong Ball

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Hitting the Wrong Ball

SITUATION: Player A and Player B, the two opponents in a match play game at Bali Golf & Country Club, hitting their tee blow more or less as far as 230 yards. Both the ball fell in the fairway, 30 yards apart from each other.

COMMON ERRORS: Player A sure his ball is farthest from the hole because he hit “slice” the ball. Therefore he does not feel the need to check the logo or the number listed at the ball. Instead, he immediately hit the ball onto the green. Shortly thereafter, the Player B looked down into the ball left on the fairway, and realized it was not his ball.  Player A has hit the player B ball. Violation of Rule 15 has led to Player A loses the hole. And he will be charged a penalty of two strokes in stroke play matches. In stroke play, Player A in order to record the score of the correct and valid, he should fix it by repeating the complete hole which is supposed to play with ball from the location of origin. If he does not perform the procedure and then already to tee off from the next hole, then he will be disqualified.
NOTE: Playing ball one of the obstacles, the player is not subject to penalty. This is because you are not allowed to lift the ball from inside the barrier for the purpose of identifications.

CORRECT PROCEDURE: Get used to create personal cachet with a marker pen on your ball, so you know that ‘s your ball. And also do not hit a ball without first checking whether the ball was in- correct address of your ball or not?

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