Golf Knowledges

Golf Lesson - an Embedded Ball

Golf Lesson - an Embedded Ball SITUATION: During competition game at New Kuta Golf Club, Player A golf ball fell in front of the green, embedded edge in a water hazard is a bit muddy which is marked with yellow stakes. COMMON ERRORS: Player A prying out the ball from the location which it is [...]

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Golf Knowledge - Lost Ball

Lost Ball SITUATION: Player C hitting slice the ball from the tee into the woods. He and friends co-star looking for the next five minutes, which is based on “Rules of Golf” is the time limit allowed for the search of a ball. COMMON ERRORS: Instead of returning to the tee area under Rule 27-1, [...]

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Playing a Provisional Ball

Playing a Provisional Ball SITUATION: Player A  blow tees, his estimate as far as 180 yards which there is the possibility of missing in the forest shrubs, so he played a provisional ball – the ball stopgap, if that first ball is lost. The provisional ball stopped in the middle fairway 200 yards. Then he [...]

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Playing Beyond Boundaries ‘Region-Tee’

Playing Beyond Boundaries ‘Region-Tee’ (Teeing Ground) SITUATION: At the time of the match played at stroke play, Player A hit his tee punch that landed ten feet (3.00 meters) from the hole a par three. COMMON MISTAKES: While Player A did a very good punch, he made a mistake hitting from the place which was [...]

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GOLF RULE NO 25 - Exercise In While Playing A Hole

Exercise In While Playing A Hole SITUATION: Player A is being played at stroke play match, which means the winner is the player with the lowest total score. He arrived on the field too late to exercise, so with haste he hurried to the first tee and hit his drive into the fairway. COMMON MISTAKES: [...]

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