Learning the Golf Rules - part 6

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Ask for advice when choosing a club

CIRCUMSTANCES: Player C just finished pull tees after performing his hit iron on hole Par 3. Player D is the opponent player C in the Match Play.

GENERAL ERROR: The player D, who was preparing to play, violated Rule 8-1 by asking the player what the player C club is.

You are not allowed to ask or give advice to your opponent about club selection. However, you are allowed to seek advice about the rules or anything that is public information, such as asking the opponent that happened to be standing next to sprinkler heads on figuring the distance listed above the sprinkler heads.

The penalty when asking advice during the game is losing hole match play. Match play is the format of hole-by-hole. The player with the lowest score wins the hole.

In the stroke play game, Player D will incur a penalty of two strokes for the same violation. Stroke play is a game that the winner is the player who did a round with the fewest strokes.

Both in match play as well as in stroke play, golfers who make the lowest score on a particular hole will obtain the honor to do it first on the next hole.

CORRECT PROCEDURE: In the situation above, the Player D allowed to make attention of what the selected club player C are used. For additional information, you and your partner of the Four-Ball, and caddies are allowed to consult one another and ask for advice on club selection.

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