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Kintamani Tour goes along with an elite act of politeness in which elegance meets suitableness. Epitomes of mesmerizing Balinese myths such as Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) and Tampak Siring Temple are coyly concealed beyond abound of craggy mountainous rocks. Either way, enjoying the delights of picturesque golden sunrise at Mount Batur peak takes first a breathless experience, both literally and metaphorically, due to the distant way high up in order to savor the awesome morning revelation. And being up there also sums up a wonderful view all the way down, an immense volcanic crater basin sizing up scenic Batur Lake that will unquestionably steal your heart in an instant. For a more solitary traveling but further grandeur exposure over mythical and natural beauties, Kintamani Tour is your true calling to unforgettable Bali holiday.

The Kintamani Tour includes Barong Dance in Batulan, Celuk and Mas art villages. The Barong Dance takes about an hour before the Kintamani Tour continue to other places. Buried surprises creep in beneath elaborate stony carvings, the mainstay of which features out a sculpted monstrous head that leads the way in through under its palate. Most probably, this odd welcoming has distinguished Goa Gajah exclusively among other fancy historical venues in Bali although sliding eerily into the digestion – several steps below the oral reception – somehow reserves a mix of sensations, retaining an amazed gape and scared frowns. No one can ever expect that this snug cave pit actually holds luxurious bathing quarters comfortably surrounded with water-spouts of nymph statuettes. Entailing the soaking pleasure, few shallow recesses along the interior exude an obsolete tradition over Buddhist hermitage, for one to be castrated off the lustful world, yet still not too far away to bathe in style.

Water element also embellishes Tampak Siring Temple as an esoteric presidential sanctuary. Overflowing backwater secures the medieval temple to regularly celebrate bathing and purification for those who devotedly place their faith above everything else. The spring water inside is also reputed highly as curable to several diseases, which consequently initiates the first Indonesia president to entrench an opulent state palace alongside the holy complex. The state palace, however, invites everyone nowadays to join in for a rejuvenating splash at Tampak Siring, regardless what your caste is. Precious moments for an indispensable exploration ranging from a low ground treasure to mountain-top satisfaction, Kintamani Tour uncovers all superficial ordinary before your very own eyes. It is a whole new level of trip to enjoy, rather than to believe.


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Price valid until 31 December 2012
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Group Tour 4 - 8 persons USD 32
USD 35
Tour Inclusions A/C Transportation, Mineral Water Admission Fees, Tour Guide

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