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Carry golf club more than allowed


Carry golf club more than allowed

SITUATION: Player A complete hole no 7 at Bali Nirwana golf and getting ready to head the hole no 8 by golf carts. Player B Player A pointed the bag and said, “Do you know that you are carrying fifteen clubs - more than the authorized one.” Responsibility Player A, “I know, but I do not use this extra putter, and I have no intention to use them. Thus, I really only play with 14 clubs. “

GENERAL ERROR: Player A makes the mistake of bringing the club more than allowed, and as a result, violation of Rule 4-4. To determine the penalty in match play, players will lose in every hole of the offense. However, although the player has completed seven holes, the maximum penalty is two holes. In stroke play, the penalty is two strokes for each hole of the offense. However, the limit is imposed a penalty of four stroke on Player A in stroke play the game for one round-determined.

NOTE: Contrary to popular belief while amateur golfers, no sense of revelation on your opponent that you will not wear an extra club in the bag. You still will be charged a penalty.

CORRECT PROCEDURES: The best way to avoid the penalty is arriving in the area - the first tee with no more than 14 clubs. Commencing at the time you hit the first blow on the first tee, all clubs will be considered to be in-game (in play) - whether you intend to play it or not.


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