Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Golf Lesson - an Embedded Ball

Golf Lesson - an Embedded Ball

SITUATION: During competition game at New Kuta Golf Club, Player A golf ball fell in front of the green, embedded edge in a water hazard is a bit muddy which is marked with yellow stakes.

COMMON ERRORS: Player A prying out the ball from the location which it is embedded from let’s say hole 9 at New Kuta Golf Club. Then drop the ball near where the ball was embedded. He feels entitled to drop the ball because he knows that Rule 25-2 allowing a ball embedded in its own pitch-mark in the area along the field (through the green) the grass was mowed tall grass fairway, or shorter, may be in the lift, in clean and in the drop without penalty. Player A wrong to interpret the meaning of the sentence is written on these Regulations. The phrase “along the ground” (“through the green”) explains the entire area within the field, except the green-tee and the hole is being played, and all of any obstacles in the field.
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