Monday, May 30, 2011



Judith Waterhouse

Age: 52

Handicap: 36 (Beginners)

They said:

Topper Stopper created to produce a good swing. This tool helps players to focus when will perform swing, so get the ideal impact. For beginner golfers, Topper Stopper help them with problems such as topping. As for skilled golfers, these tools help improve the blow, especially as they face the hazard.

According to Judith:

“Very easy to use. Just stay put in the ground and put the ball below. This tool helps me concentrate on the ball and swing the club. “The only advice I share this tool is to give a sign of where the ball should be placed. I see no progress on my swing now. “

Before: 7 / 10 irons topped and 3 / 10 thinned.

After: 5 / 10 good shots, 3 / 10 thinned, 2 / 10 fat

According to Derek:

“Many golfers worry about hitting the grass as they usually practice at the range using artificial tees. I was impressed to see the progress of Judith with this tool. But anyway, if anyone doing the top with the ball, let him play with using a tee. Gradually he will progress well. But I admit Topper Stopper has given confidence to Judith.

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