16 Mar 2011
March 16, 2011

Golf Tools – Slice Eliminator


Slice Eliminator

Kevin Daly

Age: 60
Handicap: 16
They said:
Swing your club under the Slice Eliminator and forget your bad downswing. This tool is a buffer that is flexible and can help you generate groove swing inside-to-square-to-inside. You also will know when you do an excessive swing. Slice Eliminator can be adjusted to obtain the correct swing and improve lower body posture.

According to Kevin:

“My Slice usually terrible. Sometimes I hit the ball too much right as if going to circle back and hit the back of my head. I need help in this regard. “Instructions to use of this tool is very clear, and easy to prepare. I like this tool flexibility, because I was able to reduce the handle lower near to the ball. “This is a good tool, me swing now much more straight. It is not too different, but at least I’m doing this second blow from the fairway. Because I usually try to return the ball into the fairway on the second blow. “With a polyester cover that wraps this tool, then your club is safe from damage. It’s really a good idea, because at first I was constantly hitting club handle by mistake.

Before: 5 / 10 drive off 35 yards to the right and 5 / 10 fade.
After: 7 / 10 drive a little fade and 3 / 10 led to 15 yards to the right.

According to Derek:

“Kevin had difficulty with the direction of the swing out-to-ins. Usually we use a headcover and tee peg to overcome them. This tool helps the player to visualize the right direction of swing, and Kevin results in the swing in-to-out is better. I personally like the model and the benefits are diverse. Of course I will use this tool and recommend it. “