22 Feb 2011
February 22, 2011



MAX-imise Your Swing Speed

Taylor Made R9 Series SuperMax latest output is a solution for golfers with low swing speeds. Technology and innovative design has resulted in drivers, metal wood and iron latest series R9 Super Max with ease the launch at maximum range.

Wood with his stainless made combines some features of distance and control the club, including the Flight Control Technology (FCT), Taylor Made, classic club head into a major. This enables a far distance blows with optimal stability and Forgiveness.

More Lightweight and Faster

Shaft and grip handle super lightweight, specially developed to make R9 R9 series as the club’s Super Max R9 series lightest. This resulted in the club head to swing at high speed and produce more distance. R9 driver weight only 292 grams SuperMax, compared with 328 grams of original R9 driver, the driver DR 323 grams MAX R9, R9 MAX Type-E 296 grams, and R9 SuperTri 310 grams (Total: S-flex shaft). With the addition of a variety of other technologies such as second generation FCT, ultra-lightweight design enables a higher swing speed with the trajectory side-to-side to 40 yards

Larger Metal Wood

Series R9 R9 SuperMax also includes the largest and lightest fairway wood, 3-wood that is a volume of 175 cc. The amount of these forms make the players become more confident, while enhancing the speed and the distance at the ball. Location of the CG is low resulting in high launch and low spin with draw bias that delivers high trajectory.