Playing Beyond Boundaries ‘Region-Tee’ (Teeing Ground)

SITUATION: At the time of the match played at stroke play, Player A hit his tee punch that landed ten feet (3.00 meters) from the hole a par three.

COMMON MISTAKES: While Player A did a very good punch, he made a mistake hitting from the place which was situated further to the rear of the long border the two clubs from the tee markers. Penalties for such offenses is two strokes, plus Player A must make amends by hitting the back of the border area-tee area. In match play the game does not happen penalties, but opponents Player A asks Player A is entitled to repeat his blow tee from rural areas within the tee as defined by the Regulations. The same procedure applies if Player A plays the ball in front of the boundary-tee markers. He is still said to play the ball out of bounds area-tee.

The error must be corrected in stroke play format, before the player already done his first hit of the next tee, or in the case of the last hole of the round, before leaving the green, he had said it would fix the mistake, if this is not done, the player will disqualified.

CORRECT PROCEDURE: When did blow tee of hole par three, par four or par five, players must tee off from the limit of long rectangular area inside the two-club length is measured from the very front of the tee markers. Front and side of this imaginary rectangle is defined by the outer side of the tee markers. The ball is considered outside the local area full-tee when the ball lies outside the rectangle. Rule 11 covers the area-tee.