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Golf Knowledges 3

Golf Knowledge page 3

Learn Everything About Golf

To play better golf you first need to learn about golf. But what do you need to know besides how to swing the club correctly? There are so many different things that affect the golf swing, and your golf game, that you probably don’t know about. This section is designed to provide you with all the golf knowledge presented by bali golf courses that you’ll need to improve your golf knowledge, including golf rules, tournament regulations, golf accessories, and many advices from expert to improve your golf game.

SITUATION: Player A played at New Kuta Golf Club and called on caddienya to keep the flag pole at hole 15 when he hit the putt from a distance of fifteen meters. Simply putt, keep the flag pole means holding the ball at the flag pole to hit and then withdraw from the hole. In general the players have requested that the flag pole kept when they are quite far from the hole making it difficult to see the holes clearly. more…..

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