Bali Golf Transportation

Bali Golf Courses is proudly service our customer with high quality service to meet high satisfaction. Below is our transportation list which is wide choice for your need. TOYOTA FORTUNER - USD 110.00 TOYOTA ALPHARD - USD 150.00 SUZUKI APV - USD 55.00 TOYOTA INNOVA - USD 85.00 BUS MAVA - USD 200.00 ELF MAVA [...]

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Holiday and Golf sport is a good combination

Our Bali Golf Course Motto! Works are for people who don’t play golf. Play golf is for people who don’t go to work. Are you free this weekend or at the end of this year? If yes, you invited to play golf in Bali by visiting There are many beautiful and challenging golf courses [...]

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Four Tricky Moves

Here is a drill that will instantly tell you whether you need to learn the Four Tricky Moves to Winning Golf. If you swing the club too far to the inside during your back swing this drill will inform you. Most amateurs pull the club to the inside during the back swing putting the swing [...]

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Swing vacation in Bali

Golf in Bali ? If you think of things that people like to do on their Bali holidays, golf isn’t likely to be the first thing that comes to mind! But, while it isn’t as famous as countries such as Europe or US as a best destination for ‘short sleeved golf’, golfers keen to practice [...]

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