Aultman’s Secret Golf


Those who teach the Square-to-Square Method stress over and over to their pupils that the proper back swing will not feel natural while they are learning the Method. The reason why this correct backs wing feels unnatural is simply because the normally weaker left side must dominate the normally stronger right side from waggle through impact.

Bear in mind, however, that as the Square¬to-Square Method becomes more natural through practice—and as you begin to strengthen the “new” muscles of your left side (or the right side for left-handers)—you will gradually regain your old rhythm as well as new, and far superior, shot-making skill. The more you strengthen your left side and “teach” it to dominate your right side, the more you will improve.

A very important move of the swing, according to those who teach the Square-to-Square Method, occurs at the very start of the back swing. This is the move that establishes the straight-line, “square” relation ship between the back of the left hand, wrist, and lower forearm. Continue reading →

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