MAX-imise Your Swing Speed Taylor Made R9 Series SuperMax latest output is a solution for golfers with low swing speeds. Technology and innovative design has resulted in drivers, metal wood and iron latest series R9 Super Max with ease the launch at maximum range.

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Golfing in the Paradise Island of Bali

Golfing in the Paradise Island of Bali Bali Island is a complex resort island destination which provide many kind of activities; adventures, leisure, cultures, sports, and educations. It is a perfect holiday destination, and most popular in the world. One of the topic I would like to review if the Golf Courses in Bali Island, [...]

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Golf Foot Wear Collections in Year 2011

Golf Foot Wear Collections in Year 2011 Name Foot Joy is not only known - or identical - with high-performance golf footwear. Series of golf gloves and golf socks from this brand also has been familiarly known by golfer. Welcoming the New Year 2011, the Foot Joy released a number of new series - and [...]

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HOW HANDICAP CAN RESTRICT YOURSELF Sports Psychologist, Jamil Qureshi explain about how Handicap can affect your mind. Your Handicap is for the long term, common reference standard of your game in every round. Most golfers think that playing over or under the handicap in one round is the indicator of how they actually play at [...]

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Golf profile highlight

KENNY - BETWEEN SAXOPHONE AND GOLF Kenneth Gorelick (born on June 5, 1956), better known as Kenny G, is a saxophone player from Seattle, USA. He adopted the name ‘Kenny G’ during his professional debut at the age of 17 years. In addition to being a composer, Grammy winner was also active playing golf. However, [...]

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