Frequently Answer And Questions

Q:    How many golf courses in Bali do you have?
A:    We do have currently 5 golf courses in Bali, 4 of them are 18 holes courses and 1 of them is 9 holes courses

Q:    How do we make a booking?
A:    By filling the reservation form on each courses available on the bottom of the web page

Q:    Can we make last minute booking?
A:    We do not accept last minute booking, this is due to our reservation system require minimum 1 x 24 hours to process the booking and arrange the operational pick up services for you which need staff driver confirmation.

Q:    Do you offer discount?
A:    We do offer discount on selected period of time which is decide by our management. Commonly the discount is offer as a product instead of cash back money, such as FREE Lunch, FREE Dinner, or FREE Car usage for sightseeing after the golf game. Somehow, for loyal repeater customer the company offering FREE Spa treatment after the golf game. Group booking is always getting better price, and group number is start from 17 golfers and above. Group booking price do not valid for 16 golfers or below.

Q:    Do you offer discount for children?
A:    Yes we do offer discount for children wish to play with their parents, the children discount is for 16th years old below.

Q:    Do you offer special rate or discount for PGA member or member for any golf clubs from another country?
A:    Yes we do offer 50% discount price for professional PGA member, and member card should be shown or scan email to us during making reservation. For the other golf club membership, we cannot process reciprocal price booking, please redirected to your club member customer service to process the booking.

Q:    Do you offer golf package with accommodation and airport pick up services?
A:    Yes we do, please see out web page for the golf vacation package selections

Q:    Can you make a hotel booking separate from golf vacation package offer?
A:    Yes we can, please mention hotel name or location desire with the standard quality hotel requested, a 5 star resort or just 3 star hotel at the city area

Q:    How do we make the payment for this online booking?
A:    We do accept credit card for the online payment, please find the answer on the Payment procedures pages.

Q:    How far is the golf course from each other?
A:    The golf course is located scattered in Bali Island, at least from 1 course to another course it will take time 120 minutes by driving. Due to traffic on the road, golfer is only able to play 1 course at the time in Bali.

Q:    Do have golf package for other city in Indonesia?
A:    Yes we do beyond bali golf courses, Jakarta golf package is on our web page and we will continue to add up more golf courses within Indonesia