10 Apr 2013
April 10, 2013

Golf in Bali

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Golf in Bali

Golf is one sport which was considered an elite and exclusive sport. This is because this sport requires an elegant golf course. This expensive sport is also due to field maintenance, trees, grass, rivers and some lakes are used as obstacles. Surely this is not easy. So, naturally if the price of the package offered to be expensive. However, as much the exclusive yard available in the world, that more prestigious of sport, like a golf. No wonder the sport is just acted as if the exclusive people, shareholders, entrepreneurs, retirees from the echelon and state officials.

Bali Island known as the island’s main tourist destinations come within Asia, especially in Southeast Asia. This island also offers a beautiful golf course. In addition to the rich culture and the majority of the Hindu religion, the island became one of the professional golfers practice. Bali has a beautiful nature and elegant court

There are 5 golf courses that large and beautiful in Bali, they are Bali Nirwana Golf Club, New Kuta Golf Club, Bali Golf and Country Club, Bali Handara Kosaido Country and Club, Bali Beach Golf Club.

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