Ubud is the place that has the most tourist destinations, one of them is the one in Ubud Rice Field. Ubud is very famous among tourists and is a favorite object of tourists.

Although the view of terraced rice fields is unique because it is very tilted, to enjoy the view of terraced rice fields comfortably, you only need to buy food or drinks in one of the warungs overlooking the Ubud terrace, still beautiful scenery Ubud attractions not only offer views of rice fields.

Besides that Ubud also has a river destination, the name of its river Agung, Sungai Agung is very well known as a place for rafting activities in Ubud, to reach that place which is located by renting a car and driver, you can ask the driver to drive to Ubud terraced rice fields. Ubud terracing rice fields offer a very beautiful and impressive view.

For those of you who want to enjoy the view of rice fields, you can come to the Ubud terrace that is located in Ubud.

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The distance traveled from Bali Beach Golf Club to Ubud terracing rice fields is 30, 4km with a travel time of approximately 1m 4 minutes. Other alternatives via jl. By pass pass with a distance of 27.5km with a travel time of 1m 12 minutes or via Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai and Jl. Raya Mas with a distance of 29.5km with a travel time of 1m 12 minutes.