01 Sep 2013
September 1, 2013

New Kuta Golf for You to Choose in Bali


Playing golf can make their lover feel happy and relaxed. there are few places in Bali providing finest golf courses, such as Golf & Country Club Nusa Dua, Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club, Golf Course Balibeach, Nirwana Golf Club. in addition you can also play the New Kuta Golf for You to Choose in Bali.

If you keep thinking about spending some days of golf vacation but you haven’t known which place to choose, New Kuta Golf seems to be a perfect choice that you have to consider about. Unlike any other golf clubs in Bali that seem to be part of a hotel or something like that, this one is a pure golf club. It seems that if you want spend some days playing golf there, it is much better for you to stay in nearest accommodation. There is no need to worry because Kuta is known to be an area with quite many accommodations to choose. The unavailability of accommodation in the golf club should not be used as a reason for you not to choose it because, instead of the fact that the field has perfect ocean view, this golf club is also completed with other benefits that will surely be good for you.

New Kuta Golf baligolfcourses

Complete Facilities in New Kuta Golf

Besides the golf field provided, New Kuta Golf is a golf club which is known to have a quite complete facilities. Pro-shop is one example of them. In this shop, you will be able to find a quite wide variety of gold equipment and needs that some not from one brand only but many. Other than this shop, you will also be able to find a practice range. This facility is designed for people who want to practice golf first before playing the real one. Other than that, some facilities are known to be not related to golf at all. For example, there is a dining place where you can enjoy some great quality foods. This one is good to visit after you play golf. Other than this one, there is also a spa facility that will be perfect for you to go to if you look for some relaxation.

If you want to make a reservation because you feel interested in playing golf in this club, you can make a call to the marketing and sales representative of this golf club by using a phone number which is available in the official web page of the club. In the web page, other information about the reservation can also be known, such as the info about price of every golf package available. Other than that, there is also information about every single thing that you will get after paying a certain golf rate in New Kuta Golf.

Playing golf with views of exotic, sunsets and beaches also make you more excited to play. after playing you can drink tea, relax and talk with your business partners, it is very fun. New Kuta Golf for You to Choose in Bali.