Uluwatu is the place is staged his uluwatu kecak dance, That is in the region Uluwatu. This palace deeply purified for hindus in Bali, Having broad 8 approximately hectares consisting of a forest conservation called kekeran pedestal, Parking lots and buildings merchant kiosk 1 area of hectares and 1hectares pura area.

In addition to the forest conservation and parking lots , the uluwatu also in use as a tourist attraction and cultural development of the kecak dance. Kecak dance which right up on the stage area of square meters 6 has taken a very strategic with natural beauty around as background to support the success of the show. In 1999, member of the kecak uluwatu had agreed to mutual assistance to build and to design the stage with capacity 700 people.

Besides attraction pura architecture and beauty sunset, tourists also look perjuntukkan bali traditional dance, bali kecak the dance. Dance kecak uluwatu played by 50 to 100 dancer. Dancer kecak going to sit circular with wearing sheets scabbard black white.

Most dancers kecak are men and the principal characters in tell me is usually ramayana. Her voice was typical kecak dance which reads ‘ cak cak cak’ of dancers men who shout out each other.

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The distance traveled from the Uluwatu Kecak dance site to Kuta Golf Uluwatu is around 10.9 km and takes around 21 minutes.