Seminyak is one of the national and international tourist destinations. Where the market is located in  Seminyak, Bali can also support tourism activities, which are well managed by the local government. Many foreign tourists who choose to visit traditional markets in Seminyak because shopping at traditional markets have their own sensations and uniqueness.

Tourists can buy Balinese souvenirs with cheap prices, because there is bargaining process that brings together sellers and buyers, and enjoys the variety of local customs that characterize the sellers at the Seminyak traditional market. Where they adhere to cultural principles, besides that there are also local culinary delights in the traditional Seminyak market, which are typical local snacks that can be found here.

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The distance from the traditional market in Seminyak to Kuta Golf is 22. 1km km if you go through
Jl. Sunset Road that can be reached about 46 minutes.