Sanur is a village that is part of the Denpasar City area, and this is the only marine asset that is owned by this city district in Bali. Sanur really promises tranquility and peace for tourists. The white sandy beaches of Sanur are the main attraction of this tourist attraction in Bali, the nuance is indeed different from Kuta beach which offers sunset because the beach faces West while Sanur presents a view of the sunrise.

Many tourists who come here even for local residents and city residents, to enjoy the beautiful nature with a white sand beach area that stretches from North to South. The calming sea so that it can perform various marine tourism activities such as diving, snorkeling, canoeing and also swimming, and the beauty of the sun rising from the eastern horizon, there are some of the special things you can enjoy in this region.

Sanur Beach offers more sensation than other beaches in this island, so that the coastal part of this area is known as the sunrise beach. Small waves and calm seawater are in great demand by children, when holidays arrive or weekends many locals come to this beach for recreation. Especially along the coastline provided a track for jogging tracks. You can walk, run or rent a bicycle while walking along the beach with a pleasant morning view.

The charm that Sanur has made it as a tourist attraction, gradually developing into a tourism area, developing various facilities for both large and small accommodation pioneered by Bali Beach hotels (now Grand Inna Bali beach), which were built in 1963, restaurants, souvenir shops, there is a golf course, besides the fast boat crossing pier to Nusa Lembongan there are also a number of watersport games such as canoeing, seawalker, kite surfing and various other supporting facilities.

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The distance traveled from Sanur beach to New Kuta Golf Bali is 27 km if via Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai with approximately 55 minutes travel Alternatively via Jl. Raya Uluwatu with a distance of 32.9 km with a travel time of approximately 1 hour 16 minutes.