Nusa two other than known as tourist destinations luxurious , nusa two also often hold a food festival be in the market senggol , in the market senggol it provides more than 10 tenant that uses fish , cephalopods , octopus , shrimp , keang , until lobster as the main course or material processed of culinary in present .

Some culinary present in between that is lobster , siomai , and batagor salmon , various seafood mantul , squid world , squidmore , roku grilled , shansisquid and those kinds of culinary lainya.area culinary to be filled 10 tenant food , food truck of them koffiee 82 , bologna kebab , cuanki meatballs , and menus other .

In the meantime, 31 dying grobakan will be there with a menu favor like eggs reborn, spring rolls toast and a steamed bun of kurobar, cincau nyonyah, broil quail eggs nikita, lahang sangkuriang and many more.

To other menu, visitors can be looking in 48 tenant booth of them phuket that street, bi-tey, cheese king, u tebu of eat and drink fresh as dash pelangi, batok magic cemilar ice cream and snack.Senggol market 2019 bringing a conception culinary festival modern blushes still make fair.

Those of you like your culinary sebiaknya came to food festival trap nusa dua bali.

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Distance in she handara mountain golf course to the nusa dua 75,8 km range and the time is approximately 2 hours 13 minutes , the other alternatip road by pass through which is 13,7 km and the time is about more or less 13menit.