In ancient Balinese history, Sanur Beach is known for its beauty, it is already listed in the inscription of King Kasari Warmadewa 917 AD. The inscription is located in the area of Blanjong precisely in the south of #Sanur Beach. And during the Dutch colonial period, Sanur Beach was known as a landing site for the Dutch troops when it would attack the Badung kingdom. The war that took place in 1906 was known as #Puputan #Badung the spirit of war to death.

While the famous beach of Sanur in the international world is the service of a painter who originated from Belgium named A. J. Le Mayeur who came to Bali in the year 1932. He saw the attraction of Sanur beach which is so beautiful and charming. So Le Mayeur decided to stay and settle there, by setting up a painting gallery and finally he was married to one of the famous Legong dancers named Ni Nyoman Pollok YG also one of the models of his paintings. And through the paintings of Le Mayeur finally Sanur Beach became known in the world.

The pre-built painting gallery is now used as Le Mayeur Museum which is still located in the tourist area of Sanur beach and can be visited by the public. Related to the name Sanur, researchers from Udayana University, said that the word Sanur comes from the words Saha and Nuhur, YG ask to come to a place. Meanwhile, according to the elders, said Sanur consist of the words Sa (Tunggal) and Nur means Sinar (Teja/Cahaya) which means a mystical beam that falls in a place and the place where the mystical rays become the name of Sanur now. The existence and development of tourism in the tourist area of Sanur Beach impacts the surrounding community, both positive and negative. The negative impact that appears is the prostitution that still lasts until now and the variety of liquor. Now Sanur JD A favorite place to settle for foreigners aged dusk to spend the rest of his life.

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The distance traveled from Handara Golf & Resort to Sanur is 64.4 km if it is through Jl. Raya Denpasar with a travel time of approximately 1 hour 49 minutes. Another alternative is through Jl. Denpasar-Singaraja with a distance of 64.4 km with a travel time of approximately 1 hour 55 minutes.