Ubud is located in the central part of Bali island, known as sunset. traditional dances and handicrafts, filtered green forests surrounding the Ubud area, plus temples and places of worship are one of the most famous Balasas, the ancient sacred site, namely “cave elephant” which has all the detailed engravings and Kawi mountain, which is a place of worship carved from stone. Visiting Ubud can not only witness the natural atmosphere. The museum of Ubud painting castle can also be a stopover for Ubud tourists as the center for the development of Balinese arts and culture, this museum is a variety of Balinese artists’ art styles that are shown for general feasibility.

The Ubud castle museum is the oldest art museum in Bali, with a variety of modern and traditional Balinese-themed collections of paintings. The paintings in this museum are various styles of painting, starting from the painting style of Sanur, the style of rock painting and the style of painting of Ubud.

The laying of the first stone of the construction of the castle museum was done on January 31, 1954 by the prime minister Ali Sastroamijoyo, and was inaugurated in 1956 by the Ministry of Education and the culture of “Mohamad Yamin” flower garden in front of the museum adding to the beautiful and beautiful impression.

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The distance traveled from Handara Golf & Resort Bali to Ubud castle museum is 48.2km with a travel time of 1m 22 minutes.