Sing Sing Waterfall is one of the less well-known tourist attractions, but in this tourist spot that is able to bring charm that makes feeling more comfortable, the journey to the location of the waterfall does require a little struggle but after the visitors arrive at Sing Sing Waterfall then the eyes of the visitors will be spoiled with a beautiful view of Sing Sing Waterfall Kata sing in the name of this waterfall is not from English which means singing, because the local community does not know the origin of the name of the waterfall, even though Sing Waterfall Sing is one of the favorite destinations for tourists.

There are consisting of two levels of the second waterfall is not actually too high only 12 meters, the distance from the first waterfall to the second waterfall is around 100 meters, tourists who go to Sing Sing Waterfall must pass a path of about 600 meters on the way the tourists will be spoiled.

With a view of the population of the population displayed the scenery and after arriving at the location of the plunge the tourists will be lifted by the splashing of running water, and the sound of lying birds around Ai Falls also helps create natural scenery while enjoying the freshness of the waterfall. Sing Singing Waterfall will also be accompanied by the sound of birds chirping from behind the lush green trees, in addition to the sound of gurgling waterfalls falling into the pool. It appears from a distance the stretch of Lovina Beach which is in the north of the waterfall.

The destinations isn’t only offers its soothing natural beauty. Sing Sing Waterfall also offers historical tours that have important meaning for the people of Indonesia. Not far from the location the waterfall there is a memorial memorial of the grave. One of the Dutch officers when he died in the war against the people of Bali. The monument was built by the Dutch in 1868. Then in 1956 the monument was destroyed by residents because it was considered to support the invaders.  However the Buleleng Regency Government monument was rebuilt in 1992 as a form of respect for the hero, especially the Banjar people, Who succeeded in killing Dutch officers. If you like to vacation with a calm and natural atmosphere, you must visit this tourist spot while on vacation in Bali.

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The distance traveled from the waterfall tour sing sing to Bali National Asia Golf Resort is 101 km if via Jl Raya Denpasar with a travel time of approximately 3 hours 6 minutes.