The 13th annual Sanur village festival (SVF 2019) will be held on 22-26 JUN 2019. The 5 day festival aims to facilitate and develop the creativity of the Sanur community and achieve a synergy of creativity and tourism. The Sanur Village Festival XIII has a theme “Mandala Giri”, which literally means circles and mountains. For Balinese, the mountain symbolizes the head, oriented towards spirit and culture. This year’s festival refocuses on Mount Agung, where the eruption back in November 2019 creates a reflection of humanity and closeness to nature, which must be embraced and become part of the spirit of creativity of the Sanur community. Sensitivity to the existence and condition of Mount Agung must encourage togetherness and intimacy, respect and environmental protection, inspire the community, and reaffirm that Bali remains safe to visit as one of the world’s best destinations.

Visitors can watch the cultural and arts programs held during the festival, such as body paintings, on-the-spot paintings, art and photography exhibitions, ice carvings, and fruit carvings, all presented in a lively atmosphere. Fun competitions and sports, such as marathons, triathlons, futsal, tennis, golf, windsurfing, windsurfing, fishing competitions, traditional boat parades and other water sports are spectacular added values. Visitors can also tour Sanur while enjoying fishing activities , beautiful beaches, architecture, landscapes, culinary, historic sites, museums and art galleries. The world kite festival, featuring traditional and contemporary Balinese kites from international participants. Green and environmental activities, including coral planting, turtle release, beach cleaning, mangrove planting, rare tree planting, environmental education and green campaigns.

For those of you who want to vacation in Sanur, don’t forget to watch the Sanur Village Festival.

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The distance traveled from Sanur vilage festival to Nusa Dua Bali National Golf Course is 22.2 km if through Nusa Dua - Ngurah Rai Airport - Benoa Toll Road with a travel time of approximately 34 minutes. Another alternative is via Jl. Nusa Dua - Ngurah Rai Airport - Benoa Toll Road / Mandara Toll Road with a distance of 24.9 km with a travel time of approximately 47 minutes.