The Kuta Art Market is one of the favorite shopping places for tourists on vacation in Bali. In the market, tourists can choose many variety of Balinese souvenirs. Besides domestic tourists, most consumers are foreign tourists who come and shop various stuff such as clothes with Balinese motifs, bed covers, sarongs, shorts, barong clothes, paintings, and other art stuffs.

 Kuta Art Market start operating at 07.00 A.M. until 08.00 P.M everyday. Since long ago Kuta art market has become one of a favorite shopping place for tourists who are on holiday in Bali. Generally they buy Balinese T-shirts that was made by rayon or thin cotton. Not only for souvenirs, the clothes are also used by many tourists during on their vacation in Bali. “About 60% of consumers are foreign tourists,” said Ni Made Surami, one of a trader at Kuta art market.

The distance from Kuta Beach to Kuta art market is only about 100 meters. In fact, one of the entrances to the beach can be accessed from this market. Established since 1965, this market has around 250 kiosks now. The stalls face each other, forming a small path that is about one and a half meters wide.

For those of you who want to travel to Bali, you should include Kuta Art Market in your visit list. The Kuta art market is located on Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta, Bali.

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The distance from Bali National Golf Club to Kuta Art Market is about 13.4 km if through Jl. Nusa Dua - Ngurah Rai Airport and can be reach in about 25 minutes. Another alternative is Jl. By Ngurah Rai Pass with a distance of less than 14. 1 km and can be reach in about 32 minutes.