Many tourists who have been coming to Bali to return to spend their vacation time in Bali, without exception golf lovers. golf courses are equipped with beautiful scenery is the main attraction of this place. Handara Golf: One Best Option for Golf in Bali

From some famous golf club can be found in the area of Bali Island, without a doubt, HANDARA GOLF & RESORT BALI is a name to be considered. This golf club is located in Singaraja, Bali. This location is in fact the one that can be said to be a perfect location because from the club, people can reach some interesting tourism places easily. Those tourism attractions can be the very beautiful Buyan Lake, a natural place which is known as Bali Botanical Garden, Treetop Adventure Park, and many others. Other thing that makes the location perfect is because people can see some very beautiful views of mountains, woods, and many other natural views that will surely make you feel calm and relax inside.

Handara Golf & Resort  baligolfcourses

Handara Golf Resort and Accommodation

Other that some things mentioned earlier, there are some others that make the HANDARA GOLF & RESORT BALI club to be even better to choose. The thing is no other but accommodation. This golf club is in fact a part of a very famous hotel in Bali. Of course, the fact that there is also accommodation available is great. People can stay there as long as they want and play golf as any time they wish as long as the time is included in the service hours of the golf club. For the accommodation, there are three different types available. They are cottage with superior garden view, bungalow with deluxe golf view, and also villa with deluxe golf view. No matter which one of the accommodations is chose, comfort and satisfaction are things that they will get.

The golf filed provided by this golf club is known to have 18 holes. Of course, that number will be enough to enjoy some quality rounds of golf. For those who want to obtain some information about golf in Handara, they can check out the official web page of it. Since the information given there might possibly not answer all questions that they have in mind, if they go to Bali, they can directly go to its sales office at Sanur, Bali. It seems that there they can ask any question related to golf and also accommodation in Handara so that the information will be clearer. In general, it can be said that a golf vacation will be awesome if Handara golf resort bali is the place chosen for it. It is not only about the great quality golf field and course, but also about the top quality luxury accommodation available.

Handara Golf: One Best Option for Golf in Bali, that was the phrase that they say for those tourists who have never played golf in this place. natural beauty, cool air makes them even more excited to play golf here.