Golf wedge consists of four types : pitching wedges, gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge. Here provide information of ach wedge type is :

Pitching Wedge

These types of golf clubs usually have a 45-49 degree loft and is used to launch a long shot (about 110 yards for men, 90 yards for women). Because often times the most of this hit from the grass wedge, pitching wedge has a minimum hull / minimal bounce ( 2-5 degrees ). In fact, players do not want a lot of bounce, bounce too much will make it more difficult to reach the leading edge under the ball, cause you just hit it.

Gap Wedge

Gap wedge typically has 49-54 degrees of loft and is used for the shot as far as 100 yards for male golfers and 85 yards for women. Resulting bounce is usually 5-12 degrees. But do not be careless when choosing a gap wedge. Select the loft that divides the “gap” (distance) equally between the pitching and sand wedge. For example, if you have a pitching wedge and sand wedge 48 degrees 56 degrees, then choose a gap wedge with 52 degrees of loft. Already you follow? This type of golf club is also known as “dual” or “attack” wedge.

 Sand Wedge

Sand wedge typically has 54-57 degrees of loft and is used for the shot as far as 90 yards maximum for men, and about 80 yards for women. Most of the clubs of his type also has the most unique club head, with lots of bounce (10-16 degrees) and another feature that is also called the heel-toe camber. This is what gives sand wedge an oval / oval at the bottom of his face. In the end, sand wedge has a sole width (distance between the leading and trailing edge). All of these features are designed to reduce the risk of digging in (dig).

Lob Wedge

The latter is a lob wedge , this club has a loft 57 degrees or above and is used for shot distance maximum of 65 yards to 60 yards for men and women. Gold clubs are often also called “finesse” wedge, serve to “touch” shots around the green area to soar into the air quickly and land softly. Minimum of 0-10 degrees of bounce it, because in a situation like this, generally there is little room under the ball, and one small mistake can make a golf club bounce off the ground and result in a harsh blow. This stick has a smaller width sole and a sharp leading edge. One of the reasons why many golfers who love this club is because it allows the club swing / swing fully and freely to accommodate short distances, rather than making you rely on an abbreviated swing. The ball will fly at short distances with a high bounce.