Playing golf, relaxing tea, lunch or dinner is a package that can satisfy those golf lovers. it’s good for those of you who want to spend time relaxing by playing golf, you know General Information about the New Golf Club, because there you will get the best facilities and services.

When you hear about The New Golf Club, you are not actually hearing about a golf club which is just established somewhere. It is actually a name of golf club which was established for the first time on 1902 in St. Andrew, Scotland, UK. Here is some information about the club that will be shared to you in general. Hopefully, it is something beneficial for you to know.

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Other Facilities in the New Golf Club

If you come to the exact address of The New Golf Club, you might be amazed because golf services and facilities are not the only ones that you will be able to find there. Other than those, you will also be able to find some other beneficial things that will not only found to be great for golfers but also people who come there as visitors. For example, there is a restaurant which is also open for public. This restaurant can be visited at any meal time, especially dinner. Even this restaurant is open for public guests too, there might be a time when it is reserved by members only for special occasions, including wedding. Because of that, it is much better for people to make a reservation first before going there. Other than restaurant, there people can also find longue, bar, reading room, billiard room, and some other facilities that make the club to be even more exclusive.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this famous golf club in UK, without a doubt, you have to register yourself as a member there. The way that you have to do for the registration is quite easy actually. First of all, you can register yourself by going directly to the office of this golf club. From the official web page of it, it is known that the office is located in 3-5 Gibson Place, St. Andrew Fife KY16 9JE Scotland UK. If it is so unfortunate that you cannot go there in near future but you cannot resist the desire of becoming a member there, it is so possible for you to do the registration online, via the official page of this golf club. In the web page, there is already an online registration form provided for you. By following all those steps told correctly, it is certain that you can finally become a member of The New Golf Club.

The New Golf Club dibeikan not only for those who want to play golf. those who want to relax, have lunch dinner ataoun can visit it. with services and facilities that must be given. That’s the General Information about the New Golf club.