Saturday, November 28, 2009
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Nirwana Bali Hole

Hole by Hole

18-hole par 72 golf course designed by professional golfer  Greg Norman. Asia's most spectacular golf course with  holes carved through rice paddies, alongside creeks, and with three holes played along cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean. Click image for detail hole.


Hole 1

383 yards, Par 4    

Start with a reliable fairway wood aimed across the rice paddies and right of the cavernous bunkers will get you  away. From here the hole bends steeply downhill to a well guarded green with hazards at the back and left. Shots short and right will kick to the green. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 2

188 yards, Par 3    

The green is three clubs deep so check pin position and wind to select the correct club. A creek threatens the left  side of the green, so favor the right and the ball will tend to run to the centre. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 3

400 yards, Par 4    
An Uphill drive towards the right bunker will avoid sand on the left and reach awide open plateau. A creek running in front guards the approach shot, rice paddies left and wetlands short. This contoured green will need an accurate read to ensure a par! Click image for detail hole.

Hole 4

439 yards, Par 4    
Aim at the distant bunkers and hit a long draw to the wide fairway. The long second shot across a gentle  valley takes on the wildly dramatic bunkers guarding the right side of the green. An opportunity to lay up on the left side and chip on for the high handicapper, is always an option. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 5

441 yards, Par 4    
Now's the time for your best drive across the valley to a saddled fairway avoiding the temple on the right. Right  side hole location will require a shaped shot to escape landing in the green side bunker. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 6

501 yards, Par 5    
A brave shot across the bunkers on the left of the fairway brings the green into range for the second. The  hole doglegs to the left and continues dramatically downhill, directly to the ocean. Judge the wind carefully and club to be on the same level as the hole on this small green. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 7

214 yards, Par 3    
Amongst the most dramatic holes in world golf. Check the wind direction carefully when playing from the tee to the fairway across the Indian Ocean. The secret is not to be short. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 8

544 yards, Par 5    
Normally downwind, the longest hole on the course demands a well struck tee shot left of the fairway  bunkers. Take advantage of the slopes in the fairway and lay right. Deep greenside bunkers left and OB at the back make this small green a difficult target to hit. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 9

388 yards, Par 4    
Position your tee shot at the top of the hill to the right of the fairway bunker. A short approach across a deep valley  and river must be well struck with confidence to find the green set below. Check the distance and accept the challenge. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 10

445 yards, Par 5    
Best shot is a long fade across the creek to the undulating fairway. A spectacular second shot down hill  to a green set across the river is your reward. It's all carry to this green. Safe play is to lay up short left, chip on and walk with par. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 11

211 yards, Par 3    
A big target to hit. Favour the left side of the green for safety and avoid trouble right in the huge  bunkers. Carefully read the subtle burrows in this green. Bonus for selecting the correct club will be a birdie putt. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 12

381 yards, Par 4    
A great short hole along a ridge with Balinese temples and a river to the right. Aim your tee shot at the  last house avoiding the bunkers. Anything right will be blocked. A downhill short iron to an island green that sits on a rock shelf in the ocean demands respect. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 13

337 yards, Par 4    
A deceptively difficult short par 4. A strong wind behind may tempt you to carry the ocean with your drive to get  close to the green. The safe tee shot is played to the valley between the bunkers, leaving a low punch shot into the elevated open green. Good club selection is important. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 14

186 yards, Par 3    
The Shark tee is surrounded by the ocean for this intimidating shot across the beach to the cliff top green.  It is all carry from here, so check the wind and take enough club. A gentle hole from the Resort and Forward tees with the ocean as a backdrop. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 15

447 yards, Par 4    
Play a fade up the valley from the tee, keeping out of trouble of the left side bunkers. The hole sweeps  uphill to an elevated green. Plenty of sand short and right of the green. Play your second to allow your ball to bounce in from the left. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 16

431 yards, Par 4    
A generous landing area for your drive, rewarding longer hitters with runs from the downhill slope. Lay up  unless you are confident of carrying the creek in front of the green. Bail out area is left side, avoiding the right green side bunker and temple at the back. Click image for detail hole.

Hole 17

349 yards, Par 4    
Aim straight at the big bunker on the left side avoiding the creek right off the tee.  This is a positional shot with a long iron or fairway wood, setting up a short approach to a tight green. A good hole to attack, but beware the creek in front, it can be dangerous! Click image for detail hole.

Hole 18

520 yards, Par 5    
A great finishing hole. Aim right centre from the elevated tee to this undulating fairway. The hole sweeps  downhill to a creek which crosses in front of the green and continues up the right side. Only the very long will attempt this in two. Lay up to the left and pitch close with your approach. Click image for detail hole.