Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Golf Lesson

Golf Programme

Computer Swing Analysis
The Ancora Golf Institute uses state of the art technology in delivering a comprehensive system of game improvement aids. With a combination of V1 software and multi camera systems, the student is able to gain a deeper understanding of what is required to improve their swing. Seeing is believing when it comes to understanding what is correct and the necessary changes that are required for game improvement.

Teaching Aids
Teaching Aids are used frequently during our lessons allowing students to obtain the desired feel for the correct movement. The Ancora Sport Institute has a wide ranges of the latests teaching aids available for use during the lessons. These teaching aids play an important role in the learning process, so it is highly recommended that they be utilized by the student in between lessons, as part of their practice routine. A full range of these are available for sale through the Ancora Golf Institute.

Practice Facilities
At Damai Indah BSD course, golfers have the opportunity to sharpen and improve their game with a full range of practice options made available to them. These facilities includes a large bunker and pitching area to a manicured green. A separate putting and chipping area, complete with a grass hitting area for the more serious golfer and a covered driving area floodlit for practice at night.

Driving Range
The range is a one level design containing 18 mats which are of high standard. The balls are of the latest design and are available in buckets of 50 and 100. Our friendly staff will be available to cater all your needs and requirements.

Pictures 0f Teacher & Biography

SCOTT MORRISSEY, (Aust) PGA Professional

Scott Morrissey has a vast and distinguished playing and coaching career. After a 5 year stint playing in Europe and Australia, Scott turned his talents to teaching. His knowledge of the swing and his ability to communicate has made him extremely popular with the club members. Scott has been a full member of the Australian PGA since 1991 and has reknowned coaching distinction from the PGA of America in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He is currently teaching the Asian Tour and Nationwide Tour players. Scott looks forward in helping you with your swing.

ADAM TAYLOR, (Aust) PGA Professional

Adam Taylor is a full member of the Australian PGA, having graduated in 2005. This is achieved by completing a 3-year intensive study course run by the PGA’s Academy Division in conjunction with Griffith University. After playing several major tournaments in Australia, Adam has now devoted his passion and knowledge into teaching. Having taught at one of Melbourne’s most prestigious golf clubs, he decided to further develop his skills by moving to Asia. Private tuition to clients has given him strong verbal and communication skills, which are essential in building a personal rapport and to gain trust a client to implement changes to their swing dynamics.

TOM BRODIE, (Aust) PGA Professional

Tom Brodie completed a 3-year NZPGA Golf Teaching Traineeship in 2006 under Head Professional in New Zealand. He also has extensive experience teaching players of all abilities and has been the Head Instructor for the NZ Golf. His background includes having been a top 20 NZ PGA Order Merit Player in 2007, competed with success on the Australian Tour. Tom’s Modern golf ideas and his background in golf fitness are quickly making him a highly respected coach, and his easy going friendly coaching style makes him very easy to work with. Tom is excited to share his ideas and knowledge with you.

Golf Lessons & Packages

1 hour lesson with video

  • Swing correction
  • Computerized Swing Analysys

Adult             Rp 600.000
Junior            Rp 500.000

9 hole playing lesson

  • Pre – swing fundamentals
  • Course strategy
  • Technique and equipment evaluation

Adult             Rp. 1,440,000
Junior            Rp. 1,295,000
excludes green fee and caddy fee

18 hole playing lesson

  • Video analysis of course play
  • Structured practice program designed

based on area of game improvement required
adult      Rp. 2.780.000
junior    Rp. 2.500.000
excludes green fee and caddy fee

Short game package

  • 4 x 1 hour lessons
  • Computerized Swing Analysis
  • Tailored to the specific areas of the short game requiring improvement
  • Basic fundamentals and principles.  Pre – swing and in-swing

Adult     Rp 2.280.000
Junior    Rp. 1.900.000

Long game package

  • 6 x 1 hour lessons
  • Computerized Swing Analysis
  • Fundamental principles applied in areas of
    -mid and long irons
    -preshot routine

Adult     Rp. 3.240.000
Junior    Rp. 2.700.000

Adults / junior 1 month package

  • 12 x 1 hour lessons ( 3 times a week )
  • Computerized Swing Analysis
  • 1 x 9 hole playing lesson
  • In – swing / pre –swing fundamentals
  • Course strategy
  • Intensive learning experience  design for the player with specific needs

Adult     Rp. 7.350.000
Junior    Rp. 6.200.000
Excludes green fee and caddy fee

Adults / junior 3 months package

  • 24 x 1 hour lessons ( twice  a week )
  • Computerized Swing Analysis
  • 3 x 9 hole playing lessons
  • Short / long game
  • Mental approach / Course Strategy
  • Pre-swing / in-swing fundamentals
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate level golfers who require work on all areas of their game.

Adult     Rp. 14.980.000
Junior    Rp. 12.700.000
Excludes green fee and caddy fee

Adults/ junior 6 months packages

  • 48 x 1 hour lessons ( twice a week )
  • Computerized Swing Analysis
  • 6 x 9 hole playing lessons
  • Fundamentals and principles applied to all aspects of
    - Short/ long game
    - Mental approach / course strategy
  • A comprehensive package ideal for expats, beginners and golfers prepared to make a long term commitment to learning and enjoying the great game of golf

Adults   Rp. 29.080.000
Junior    Rp. 23.830.000
Excludes green fee and caddy fee
Weekend kids clinics

Clinic 1                  Ages 4 – 10 ( 3 – 8 pax  )
Clinic 2                  ages 10 – 16  (3 – 8 pax)
Every Sunday each clinic 1 hour duration
A comprehensive, fun, and informative learning experience
3 people              Rp. 183.000/each
4 people              Rp. 150.000/ each
5 people              Rp. 130.000/each
6 or more            Rp. 110.000/each

Introduction to golf for children

4 x 1 hour lesson (with video)

  • Grip
  • Set up
  • Body rotation
  • Arm triangle
  • Chipping
  • Putting

Design for children who wants to try the great game of golf. The game that celebrates integrity and honesty.
Rp. 1,900,000,-/person

Note : Min. age 4 years.