Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Golf In Bali Beach Golf Course

Several reasons why we should be playing golf in Bali Beach Golf Course

Sport & Lifestyles

A City Golfing Adventure

Golf has become an essential part of today’s urban lifestyle. Over time, golf has transformed from solely a sport into a now leisurely activity encompassing social bonds between golf lovers. Playing golf at Balibeach Golf Course promises to be an entertaining adventure. Furthermore, it is set in a unique and strategic location, which is easily accessible from the airport.

Imagine yourself striking the ball from one hole to another in an endless field of green, watched over by clear blue skies while taking shelter in the shade of old trees. While playing, you can breathe in the fresh air and catch sight of the growing landscape; a beautiful combination of traditional and modern Bali. It’s a form of beauty and luxury that you can only be found at Balibeach Golf Course.

The Balibeach Golf Course also provides the best comprehensive facilities to support your golf playing. We have a wide range of golf equipment and accessories, an open restaurant, deluxe locker room, professional caddies, a business centre, business lounge, and ATM Centre. You can treasure it all at competitive price.

Cuisine & Entertainment

Enjoy Great Food with Green Field View

After spending a day on the course, just enter The Sector and you will find a unique ambience of an open-restaurant in modern design, adjoined by a glass holding doors looking out on the lush green course. The location is suitable for dining, barbeque parties, cocktail parties, and even a romantic candle light dinner offering private moments. With the family concept in mind, TheSector design is apt for all ages and any occasion.

The restaurant offers numerous varieties of food to enjoy. The menu gives you lofty choices of traditional, Asian, and International Food, as well as, vegetarian options. The Sector opens daily from 06.00 am to 11.00 pm (closed 01.00 am on weekends), which makes it perfect and pleasant for you to have breakfast or lunch in the restaurant. When the sun goes down, savor dinner while accompanied with relaxing atmosphere. Feel two different atmospheres of casual and sporty by day, and warmth and romance by night.

Venue & Ambience

A Special Place for Special Occasions

You need a place to set up special occasions for business events? Do not hesitate to choose the Balibeach Golf Course. It is our privilege to show you a varied range of function rooms that will surely meet your needs, like in the Verandah, outdoor venue, wing side, business lounge and pool table area. You can also watch international channels on a big screen and 3 televisions surrounding the area. Every place is suitable for business events such as gatherings, meetings, presentations, product launchings, and exhibitions.

For your wedding party, try our outdoor venue that can accommodate more than 2.000 people. Of course you want this day to be a cherishing moment in your life, and Sector is ready to provide it. Exchange vows in a midst of surrounding flowers and candles. It will be a moment in time for you to remember.

Art & Business

Gathering in Delightful Surroundings

Cozy and content surroundings of a meeting or other business events such as exhibitions play an essential part in empowering your success. Our concept and scope of environment will suit anyone’s requirements.

Take pleasure in our meeting rooms, offering a 30 person capacity with complete office support, including a big screen projector, sound system, and coffee break and snack services. All rooms are private and secure. They are suitable for all types of meetings and events.

Need to arrange a painting or photography exhibition? We also provide a facility specifically designed for exhibitions, including those of painting, photography, automobile display, as well as property. Locations include the clubhouse hallway, as well as, an optional Balibeach Golf Course side garden. In addition our parking lot can hold up to 200 cars at any given time. Every facility that we have is prepared for your utmost satisfaction.

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