14 Jun 2012
June 14, 2012

Golf as Sport

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Golf as Sport


During middle age in Scotland (where most people believed Golf is originated), Golf was played for fun, as a game, by hobbyists. Only in 1900 that Golf was first considered as a sport and was first included in the Olympic Games (in Paris). Nowadays, Golf hobbyists are only those who have enough money to rent the course, and people that play golf for sport are only athletes. Most people use golf as business tool, as a media to connect two parties to get deeper chemistry before they finally make business deal (most of the time, at the very golf course). Well, talking about the sport of golf in Bali, in fact Bali has so many young talent who have carved their names in trophies of international competition.

One of them is Tatiana Wijaya (17) who got 2 gold medals in SEA GAMES 2011. But one name that has been the main talk lately must be Ines Putri Tjahjadi. Her talent might be not very much extraordinary on the golf field. Her best shot was in 2004 when she grabbed one gold medal in National Sport Week (PON). However, her success in taking the throne as Miss Indonesia 2012 caught public attention, moreover when people found out that she’s one of Bali’s golf athletes. Hopefully she can be a role model for Bali’s youngster that actually love golf to chase their dream and eventually can strengthen Bali golf force in the future.

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