Legian Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Bali before this tourist spot is known by many tourists. It used to be a village that’s still quiet. Residents around this beach work as farmers and some become fishermen. The famous Kuta beach’s no longer become quiet place because the  tourists who go to the coast of Legian is increasing. This is used by local residents to try to pursue tourism business, there are some of them who build lodging places commonly called homestay.

Although the characteristics of Legian beach are the same as Kuta Beach but Legian Beach is more quiet when compared to Kuta Beach, this is one of the attractions of Legian Beach so it can provide an option for tourists who want to relax on the beach with a calm atmosphere. Relax on the sand of the beach, the sunshine, friendly breeze, with a beach atmosphere that is not too crowded,.That’s will  course it will give you a relaxed and comfortable feel. The beach is very good to be a surfing spot. Legian beach is increasing because visitors want to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. The dazzling sunset on this beach is as beautiful as the Kuta beach that distinguishes only the atmosphere that represent of silent beaches.

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The distance traveled from Legian Beach to Bukit Pandawa Golf Resort Bali is 22.5 km if via Jl. By Ngurah Rai Pass with a travel time of approximately 52 minutes Another alternative is via Jl. Nusa Dua – Ngurah Rai Airport – Benoa Toll Road with a distance of 27.5 km with a travel time of approximately 59 minutes.