Kuta has many beautiful beach resorts, besides beach tourism, Kuta also has a tradition that is still preserved until now, one of which is the tradition of fire warfare. During the Pengerupukan, a day before the Nyepi day when the Sun is dimmed, a unique tradition in Bali is held as a hereditary tradition that is still practiced and preserved until now. This tradition is called the tradition of fire warfare, which is an attraction that must be witnessed in every year. To watch it for free, you can come with a rental car in Bali.

As the name implies, fire warfare uses fire in its action. While waiting for the comman to start the tradition of the fire warfare, the youths that is known as a Sekehe Truna-Truni (STT), gathered in front of the Bale Banjar, wearing madya traditional attire without clothes, they used kamben (sarong), saput poleng and udeng on their head. They sat around a burning coconut shell, waiting for a burning coconut shell, they sing a traditional song called gegenjekan and interspersed with dances.

For tourists who come to Bali do not forget to visit Kuta, if wants to see the tradition of the fire war directly.

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The distance traveled from Kuta to Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club is 19. 1 km if through Jl. By Ngurah Rai Pass with a travel time of approximately 40 minutes. Other alternatives Jl. Nusa Dua – Ngurah Rai Airport – Benoa Toll Road / Mandara Toll Road with a distance of 24.4km with a travel time of 44 minutes.