The Beautiful of Sanur beach is now filled with plastic trash and tree branches piled up on the shoreline so that it ruins the view on Sanur Beach. In addition to the beautiful coastal scenery, Sanur Beach also experienced many problems. The one of them  was the large amount of garbage dominated by plastic waste in the form of glass and bottles of bottled water and tree branches. Not only in Sanur Beach, Padang Galak Beach and Biaung Beach , which is located on the north side of Sanur Beach, are also invaded by garbage. Residents do not know the origin of the garbage suddenly has piled up on the shoreline. The garbage in Sanur Beach is mostly plastic waste and this is the biggest challenge for the government, but now the government has made a regulation “if people who are caught littering will be followed be strict and subject to sanctions other than that for violators also be subject to strict sanctions in the form of not being given administrative services in the government “. At present the government is implementing clean beach activities, aiming to encourage the community to participate and participate in monitoring the cleanliness of the beach and disposing of garbage in its place.

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The distance traveled from Sanur Beach to the Pandawa Golf Club Nusa Dua Hill is 27.7 km if it goes through Jl. Nusa Dua – Ngurah Rai Airport – Benoa Toll Road with a travel time of approximately 50 minutes Another alternative is via Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai with a distance of 28.9 km with a travel time of approximately 58 minutes.