Uluwatu Temple bali attractions is that its location is on top of the cliff sloping towards the sea. It not only has the atmosphere of a typical Balinese religious but also has outstanding natural beauty, such as the beauty of the famous sinking of the Sun here.

Uluwatu Temple is also there are a number of those believed to be keepers of the sanctity of uluwatu Temple, you are required to use a sarong and shawl also is a symbol of the sense of the mark of respect for the sanctity of uluwatu Temple. Tourist attractions in bali, this one is at a height of 97 metres above sea level.

For travelers who want to berknjung to pura uluwatu this will feel like they are pampered with panoramic views and the extent of the expanse of the Indian Ocean with the waves are so beautiful. Not only that, here, the tourists will also be treated to a traditional Balinese dance kecak dances namely uluwatu. This dance is played by an estimated 50-100 dancers.

Uluwatu is perfect for just the look in pertujukan for local and international tourists.

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The distance traveled from uluwatu temple the Pandavas to Hill Country Club Bali is a 15.1 km at a distance of about approximately 29 minutes by crossing the highway, jalan uluwatu, pecatu alternative with way past Highway uluwatu pecatu and the mountain path umbrella with 14.6 km distance and distance wktunya about 32 minutes.